Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bulk Box Signage

We develop new product lines as often as needs arise in the seed industry. Not every one makes it through the process and makes it to market, thanks in great part to our customer feedback.

I still remember Erich Albers coming up to me in 2006 and handing me a bag tag and asking me if Ag Printers made tags. I didn't even know what the tag was, but after we looked not only at the process of manufacturing them, but the process of designing them with compliant information and the process of ordering and fulfilling the orders, we brought them to market. Now we are blessed to produce several million tags each season.

Recently, we have been approached by a group of our customers (friends) and asked if we had a good solution for bulk box signs. After researching what is in the market currently, the only option out there seems to be thin-gauge steel signs. As we know, these boxes are expensive and need branded not only to make sure they return to your facility, but to solidify your brand in the marketplace.

My first question when it comes to most things in the seed industry is "why do we do it this way now?" and my second question is "how can we make this product and process better?"

I believe we have these questions answered very well for this application, but I need your help in determining if we are truly on the right track to a new product line.Would you please answer these questions by leaving a comment below? 

1. Do you currently use 24 x 16 inch signs on your bulk/pro boxes?
2. How many do you order each year?
3. Would you be interested in a sample of our new sign on our new material?

If you answer yes to #3, please email me so I can get you a sign. You would be doing us a favor also by being a test site for us as we continue to develop this great product. My email is

Have a great week!



  1. 1. Our signs are 24 x 16.44.
    2. We order more and more each year.
    3. Yes I would like to see a sample.
    Also, would there be a guarantee on the signs not fading? And if so, how many years?

  2. 1. No, we currently just use printed 4 x 6 stickers
    2. NA
    3. Yes. We are always looking for ways to improve our brand recognition and professional look. Thanks!